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4C is at the intersection of cannabis and capital


Our Cannabis Capital Creation Conference brings together investors and founders in the Cannabis and CBD space.  We provide the education, acceleration and investment that connects the stakeholders in this new and exciting industry. (8,000 years is not really new).  Not since 1933 when Prohibition of alcohol was repealed has there been an opportunity of this magnitude.  It will easily be one of the most important growth industry of our lifetime.

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We’ve paired Education & Acceleration with Cannabis Investing

Meet CBD Training Academy, Richard Diamond, CEO

When it comes to Cannabis & CBD, everyone has a story.  After our family had a positive experience using CBD to displace big pharma, we explored the cannabis business landscape and found that Hemp derived CBD was exploding but there was a significant challenge for market adoption – knowledge. 

There was a head spinning array of products on the market, little regulation and to complicate matters further, bad actors were lurking around every corner.  3rd party testing reports were being faked, companies were making egregious medical claims that were not substantiated by clinical data and it was getting worse every day.  The CBD Training Academy was born out of this need. 

Investors that know and understand tech startups or real estate investing need to get up to speed quickly on the nuances of investing in the Cannabis sector.  That’s what 4C is all about.  Join us on this journey!

Meet Green Seed Cannabis Co.


Rick Martinez, CEO

I get it. We’re in an industry based on a very unique product and while business is business the fact is that canna-business has some nuances that not every person “gets”.

That’s why we believe it’s absolutely critical to not only engage with folks who understand that but also have been in the trenches and emerged successfully.


Success in business is based on key fundamentals. Fundamentals that apply across all businesses product or service based. That’s a fact and a truth not many folks grasp.


We have a proven track record of success. From 1:1 mentoring to Angel investing to cofounding our very own cannabis startups we apply the same formula to everything we do in business.
Been there…done that…got the cool t-shirts too.
It’s time to run with a team who “gets it”. It’s time to run with us.
Because success always leaves clues…
Meet Ocean Blue Brands

Bringing years of cannabis business and entrepreneurial experience to the table, our team is like none other.

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