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The Cannabis & CBD Industries are blossoming and 4C is showcasing presenters who are investing in small and large deals, private and public, leading Mergers & Acquisitions, and Founders who have raised capital successfully despite the current legal and regulatory climate.  The 4C Pitch event features the most innovative startups and other cannabis companies that are raising investment capital.  Discover the next big deal in Cannabis and CBD at 4C.

These investors, lawyers, senior executives, founders and decision makers come together at our events to discuss capital raising challenges and success factors as well as the nuanced risks, and the emerging opportunities for growth through investments in cannabis deals. These conversations are built around industry verticals and trending interests from our education, acceleration and investment network and are presented as a conversation led by an experienced moderator, concluded with a Q & A session followed by a structured networking reception.

The 4C Los Angeles – at TOOLBOX.la

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